Paeon Proprietary Products

The Mission of PAEON PARTNERS calls us to create ways and means for groups to become more cooperative and collaborative as a means to enhance our capabilities and create more powerful synergies in the business environment, and to make our efforts more rewarding. By applying our skills and understanding of the coaching process, the work we have done with our clients has shown us two powerful needs in the marketplace.

The first is to create coaching relationships which help the client move into new places in their lives, not merely improve on the existing place. We already had a proprietary product called "COACHING TO THE LIE" designed to uncover the beliefs people were holding which were actually untruths. But that was not getting far enough for us. And for some of our clients. And by looking deeper, we were able to get a better understanding of the nature of the things people were getting stuck on.

Meetings With Meaning

The next proprietary product arises out of our work with groups; primarily groups of people who work together and meet on a regular basis. We discovered that people universally claim to hate meetings, the time they take and the antics they create for the sake of little or no observable benefit. Also realizing that the world of work is causing more not less meetings, so the issue that needs attention is the attitudes of the participants. Further, as you might expect, we knew that anything that would be helpful could not come from a place of any negatives beyond "the way we're doing it isn't satisfactory."We started out by looking at what was wrong but soon realized that people have been looking at that for over 50 years, and while there have been great suggestions and practices created out of those investigations, they haven't produced a fundamental change in the attitude of meeting attendees.

Then we chose to move out of the judgment realm and into the realm of examining the objectives and the things that were happening to interfere with the achieving them. People's complaints were legion, but they all boiled down to a few things. They resented the power struggles, space hogging, lack of listening and the use of blaming and scapegoating rather than accountability and integrity. Looking at these, we decided to tackle the problems with intention, rather than control. People can always learn how to control anything in which an advantage is there to be gotten or in which power has value. We were also aware that we come from the same place in the culture, so we were pretty sure that if we tried to avoid those behaviors we would probably just create a platform in which we were confident of being able to gain control over the average person.

Now what? We realized we had decided to not take a controlling model into this process and began to have meetings that focused on safety, integrity and accountability. We also decided that we would not pay attention to the things we didn't want until we created a process which took care of the three important value objectives we just mentioned. While our first attempt did not achieve the objective, as we evaluated the process against our stated values, we saw where we fell short and were able to ask the questions necessary to find support for attaining them.

We kept after it until we found our objective. We call it MEETINGS WITH MEANING.

So, if there is a group you meet with regularly, and if you want to improve the performance of that group in terms of its ability to work collaboratively and cooperatively, we can teach you and your group this process pretty quickly and very effectively. You owe it to yourself and your organization to find out how to improve communication, integrity, accountability and safety.