Paeon's coaches have learned from our clients and our relationships with them.What this has done is caused us to create workshops which can help a large cross section of our audience. As one can appreciate, most of us are much more alike than we are different, and our learning lapses tend to be in similar places.

We have been particularly focused on two areas of 21st Century life. One is laughter. In a world that seems to be progressively grim and determined, it is critically important to be able to laugh. And the only thing always available to laugh at is me. When I know how funny I am and how fundamental that is, I can always take a little break and laugh at my own humanity. Out of this came the first PAEON WORKSHOP: PHIND YOUR OWN PHUNNY BONE. Look for it to be offered either three or four times a year in Chicago. Coming to a community near you in the future.

The next product we developed was GETTING RIGHT WITH MOM AND DAD. We discovered that most adults have come to some understanding with the mom and dad of today, but we carry behaviors and emotions from the past that we have not grown up yet. The way we know this is the case is that we authored this workshop out of our own experiences. Grown men and women who have spent lots of time and resources dealing with our pasts, yet we were still holding on to hurtful remnants of our past.

People who have taken this workshop have reported such things as "really forgiving my father." Similar remarks have come from all kinds of people who have done all kinds of work on themselves in the past.

We at PAEON are really about changing the world by helping people get the changes they want.

Look for both of these workshops and sign up for them soon. You'll be glad you did.