Individual & Group Coaching

Individual & Group Coaching is a process between a client and a coach which is based on a few things, each of which is critically important. While any of these characteristics may be shared with other experiences, we believe none contains all of these. They are:

  1. The coach holds the client to be creative, resourceful and whole. It is further held that the client contains within him or her all of the necessary ingredients necessary to accomplishing their objectives. And more, should they wish.
  2. The coach knows what he or she hears from the client; nothing more, nothing less.
  3. The coach holds the client's stated objectives paramount for the purposes of the process.
  4. The coach holds the proceedings of the sessions confidential. This does not preclude the coach from discussing nature of the process with his or her mentors or supervisors. But even in these cases, the coach must confine his or her inquiries and discussions to their own experience for their own learning, nit for the purposes of discussing the client, their identity or their specific situation. This provides quality control for the benefit of both the coach and the client.
  5. In order for the coach to be in integrity, he or she must be in a coaching relationship that is ongoing and accountable. It is this kind of environment that the promises in our "Greatness" statement are realized.

Also in this context, visioning and creativity are expanded.The possibility of failing or succeeding on a grand scale opens up, and a shortfall becomes a misstep instead of a failure. This is the primary application of WORLD VIEW COACHING.

We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to the power of this process.

GROUP COACHING is similar to it's individual sibling, but it involves more than one client, and perhaps more than one coach. This decision is based on the number of people involved and the nature of the objectives. This is never arbitrary; it is dictated by the situation, and negotiated in advance.

All of the ground rules stated above are in force here, with one additional rule. If Paeon is coaching an organization, we do not cross reporting lines. A Paeon coach only coaches people at one level of an organization. The person coaching the CEO, for example, cannot coach anyone else in that organization. This is a unique safe guard we implement in order to maximize the value of confidentiality.


These products are described on the product pages, but here we are calling your attention to the fact that we have created these with the same intention of relying on the participants to be creative, resourceful and whole, just like individuals. But we have crafted these products based on our real life experiences and observations of different needs for a group.